Chicago: Vacation Eats

So far this blog has consisted of eateries in and around Southern California; however, next week I will be making my annual vacation to Chicago and I am excited to have an outlet more than Twitter and Instagram to tell of all the good eats there. This will be the third year that my boyfriend and I take a trip to the “windy city” to get away, visit friends, and undoubtedly gain at least 5 pounds. We have amazing friends in the city that are foodies as well, so every year they introduce us to the new spots they’ve discovered and we basically plan our entire trip around good food and conversation.

I say all this to ready you for some of the blogs that will result from next week’s adventure, and also to give some tips to anyone who may be planning a trip to Chicago. I must warn you though; the few places I am about to tell you about will most likely have you eager to book a flight to the Midwest sometime in the near future. Continue reading

San Clemente: Pizza Port

Pizza Port: The Carlsbad. Photo by: Brittany Ritzi

I always like to start with clarity. I am NOT talking about Pizza Port inside of Disneyland, so please disregard your initial thoughts of cardboard covered in greasy cheese and keep reading. The real Pizza Port is of the finest quality of pizza, not at all reflecting the overpriced junk located inside the happiest place on earth. In fact, when it comes to southern California Pizza, this has had my winning vote since the first time I was lucky enough to eat it around three years ago.

For this blog, I like to hit on eateries that are, essentially, off the chain. I decided that I would draw the line between chain restaurants and local spots with multiple locations at the number five. Less than five locations and it’s probably a great restaurant that has succeeded to the point of expansion. More than five locations and it’s pretty close to chain status in which food quality inevitably goes down. Pizza Port rests comfortably under the line at four locations in southern California: Carlsbad, San Clemente, Ocean Beach, and Solana Beach.
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Temecula: Wiens Family Cellars


Wiens Family Cellars. Photo by: Brittany Ritzi

This weekend I had the chance to head down to Temecula with some ladies from work to have a  nice Sunday afternoon of wine tasting. I’ve been able to peruse about the many wineries in Temecula a handful of times in the past few years and I’ve never been disappointed with our local southern California wineries. Even if you’re not a wine drinker, this is such a fun local outing that is a perfect way to spend any afternoon!

Let’s be honest, I’m not a wine-o in the least. I do, however, enjoy a glass or two of a moscato after a long day. The problem is that if you hand me a wine list I wouldn’t have the slightest clue as to what to pick out. This is probably why wine tasting is so much fun to me. I get to not only experience the beautiful scenery of the wineries but I get to experience all different types of wine to figure out what types of wine I enjoy. Continue reading

Roscoe’s Famous Deli


Silly Billy @ Roscoe’s Famous Deli. Photo by: Brittany Ritzi

Roscoe’s Famous Deli has recently been added as a favorite in my list of mouth watering local spots. To set the scene, so you don’t let the word deli throw you off, this is far more than a sandwich shop. Roscoe’s is both a deli and a bar. It has two great locations. One is in Chino Hills and the other, my favorite, is located in the SoCo district of Downtown Fullerton.

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Orange: The Bruery

I’ve been craving a sour beer lately, so I think I’ll definitely have to make a trip to the Bruery in Orange Circle soon! You should check it out. They’ve got a wide selection of craft beers. I learned a couple of years ago about sour beers, and I absolutely fell in love. If you’ve never tried one, be sure to give one a try. The Bruery’s Oude Tart is one of my favorites!